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Water-based systems

Since April 24, 2018, water-based air-conditioning or refrigeration systems are no longer permitted on Saint-Lambert territory. Owners of such systems had to replaced them by that date or taken them out of service.  

By prohibiting the use of water-based systems, Saint-Lambert is continuing its efforts to reduce wastage of potable water and reach the consumption target of 409 litres per person per day set in the Stratégie québécoise d’économie de l’eau potable.

Substantial savings

Water-based air-conditioning or refrigeration systems are known to be among the biggest water consumers. Building owners who make the shift to air-based systems can achieve substantial savings over the long term. For example, a restaurant owner who replaces a water-cooled air-conditioner by an air-cooled conditioner could save up to 26,280 m3 per year. This represents an annual savings of $15,374 on the owner’s water bill.  

For a residential building, the use of a water-based air-conditioning system can mean an annual consumption of over 3,000 m3 of water (or 3,914 litres per person per day) for a single dwelling, compared to 300 m3 (391 litres per person per day) for a dwelling that does not have this type of system. 

Water tower

A water tower may be used, provided that it is the only equipment that can, technically speaking, transfer the heat generated by a water-based process into the atmosphere and that the maximum volume of water used does not exceed 6.4 litres per hour per rated kilowatt of refrigeration or air-conditioning output. 

Resources and information

To help citizens make the transition from a water-based system to another option, the City of Saint-Lambert held an information session May 17, 2016, at 7 p.m., at the multi-purpose centre.

During the evening, Christophe Duchemin-Lamoureux, an air-conditioning and refrigeration instructor from the Pierre-Dupuy vocational training centre, presented the different types of systems currently being used as well as acceptable alternatives to replace them. 

You can consult

Symbole pdf Christophe Duchemin-Lamoureux presentation on water-based systems (in French)

Symbole pdf Acceptable alternatives to replace the different types of water-based systems (in French)

Symbole pdf Procedure to follow to obtain an equipment replacement permit (in French)

Good practices

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