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Potable water by-laws

The City of Saint-Lambert regulates all the most common uses of potable water (such as lawn watering, air conditioning, and swimming pools) for the purpose of conserving this precious resource in terms of both quantity and quality. 


Manuel watering

You are free at all times to use a watering can containing less than 40 litres of water or the water from your rain barrel to water your garden and lawn. You may also use a hose connected to the municipal water supply system on the condition that it is fitted with a hand-held spray nozzle with an automatic shut-off.

Removable sprinklers

Watering with removable systems, such as perforated hoses or oscillating sprinklers, is permitted between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on even-numbered days at even-numbered addresses and on odd-numbered days at odd-numbered addresses.

Automatic sprinklers systems

Automatic sprinkler systems can only be used on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., regardless of your address.

An automatic sprinkler system must be equipped with the following devices: 

  1. An automatic humidity sensor or an automatic shut-off device that, in case of rain, will suspend watering operations when precipitation suffices or when the humidity level in the soil is sufficient.
  2. A reduced pressure anti-backflow valve to prevent any contamination of the drinking water distribution network.
  3. An electric valve activated by an electric control mechanism for automatic sprinkler control or sprinkler cycle control. It must be installed downstream from the anti-backflow device. 
  4. A handle or gate valve with manual closing to be used exclusively in the event of breakage, malfunction or for any other situation considered an emergency. The handle or gate valve must be accessible from the exterior. 

Any automatic sprinkler system installed before the coming into force, on April 13, 2013, of the By-law on the use of potable water must be upgraded, replaced or removed from service before April 24, 2018.

Special watering permit

When you lay down new turf, you may obtain a permit to water your lawn for a maximum of seven consecutive days; it is renewable once only. To obtain a permit, contact the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450 466-3277 or

It’s possible to have a healthy lawn with less water!

- Water your lawn only when necessary. Grass needs just 2.5 cm of water (1 in.) a week. One good rainfall will do it.
- Keep your grass about 7.5 cm (3 in.) high to retain moisture.
- Leave your grass clippings and shredded dead leaves on your lawn; they act as a natural fertilizer.
- Use low-maintenance high-resistance seeds such as creeping red fescue, perennial ryegrass, or white clover.
- Avoid using pesticides.
- Replace your grass by low-maintenance ground covers such as wild thyme, bird’s-foot trefoil, sedum, or spotted deadnettle.

Air conditioning and refrigeration 

The installation of any air-conditioning or refrigeration systems that use potable water has been prohibited in Saint-Lambert since the April 13, 2013 adoption of the new by-law on potable water use. 

Any such system installed before this by-law came into force must be either replaced by one that does not use potable water or taken out of service within five years of the coming into force of the by-law.  Owners of such systems therefore have until April 24, 2018 to comply with the by-law. To learn more, consult the Water-based systems page.

Water tower

A water tower may be used, provided that it is the only equipment that can, technically speaking, transfer the heat generated by a water-based process into the atmosphere and that the maximum volume of potable water used does not exceed 6.4 litres per hour per rated kilowatt of refrigeration or air-conditioning output.

Cleaning outdoor areas

Hosing down parking areas, sidewalks, driveways, and all public roads with potable water is forbidden at all times.

Filling swimming pools

The complete filling of a swimming pool is authorized once a year. Topping up a pool to maintain the water level is permitted at any time. The daily filling of wading or paddling pools with a maximum capacity of 600 litres is permitted at any time.

Water meters

In Saint-Lambert, potable water consumption by factories, businesses, and institutions is metered. Each building in these categories is required to have a water meter. The water meters are provided by the City and installed by the owner. For more information, contact the Public Works Office at 450 466-3690.

Consult the By-laws page to find out about all the provisions of the potable water by-laws in force on Saint-Lambert territory.