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Sound management of potable water is one of the main focuses of the municipality’s sustainable development plan. As such, the Ville de Saint-Lambert recognizes the importance of reducing its consumption of this precious resource as much as possible.

The City has already taken several initiatives in this regard, including the annual leak detection program, the introduction of a green patrol whose role is to ensure compliance with the by-law on potable water, the construction of surface water retention ponds, and the tap and toilet replacement program in municipal buildings.

Why reduce our consumption of potable water?

  • To reduce our collective costs, because collecting and treating wastewater represents a significant expense for a municipality.
  • To reduce water pollution, because sustainable surface-water runoff management practices will help limit the quantity of untreated wastewater discharged into the St. Lawrence Seaway during major storms.

Annual report on the quality of potable water

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, the Ville de Saint-Lambert has produced its annual report on water quality for 2018 (in French). The report confirms that the municipality’s water meets all the requirements and standards in effect. It is therefore completely safe for consumption. To know more, visit the Règlement sur la qualité de l’eau potable section on the website of the Ministère. 

As a resisent, you too have a role to play in conserving potable water. This section of the website provides information on ways you can reduce your daily water consumption and on the relevant by-laws.