Revamping of urban planning tools 2023

This revision of the urban planning bylaws was necessary because the last revision was done in 2008, and it is no longer necessary to specify that these bylaws are now obsolete. This revision is also mandatory by virtue of the provincial law on land use planning and development; the City's Urban Plan must be in conformity with the Schéma d'aménagement et de développement de l'agglomération de Longueuil adopted in 2016, so it is urgent to proceed with the adoption of our new bylaws.

This proposed new version is the result of a long democratic process. In 2022, a first draft was presented to the population, but was interrupted by the referendum register. In the face of strong opposition to the early childhood center (ECC) project in Préville, Council completely withdrew the zoning amendment that would have allowed this project to proceed.

In the spring of 2023, the land use planning tools were updated to respond to an eco-responsible vision and the desire of our population to enjoy a city with an exceptional quality of life.

Summary of the urban plan and draft by-laws

From May 9 to 17, 2023, submissions can be sent to the following email address:

New project consultations (Spring 2023)

At the April 17, 2023 meeting, City Council adopted the draft urban plan and by-laws (construction, zoning, subdivision, etc.). These drafts will be presented at a public meeting on April 27 and at two public consultations to be held on May 9 and 16, 2023.

Important dates:

Monday, April 17, 7:30 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Adoption of proposed by-laws at City Council
Thursday, April 27, 7:30 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Public presentation of the Urban Plan (UP), the Specific Planning Programs (SPP) and the regulations
Tuesday, May 9, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Members of the Urban Planning Department team will be present to answer your questions
Tuesday, May 9, 7 to 9 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Public Consultation Meeting #1
Tuesday, May 16, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Members of the Urban Planning Department team will be present to answer your questions
Tuesday, May 16, 7 to 9 p.m., centre multifonctionnel Public Consultation Meeting # 2
Between May and July Revision of the plan and regulations following public consultations
Tuesday, July 4th Adoption of the plan and by-laws by City Council

Why do so?

This new proposal for the Urban Plan will allow us to better plan the future of our City while respecting its heritage style and the environment and ensuring the protection of all our parks and green spaces. The purpose of this overhaul of the planning tools is not to transform the City, but to ensure its sustainability by proposing updates that meet your vision for the future and respect legal obligations. It represents many benefits for our community.

Five major orientations and concrete measures for the harmonious development of our City

1. Preserve and enhance the identity of Lambert

- Ensure the protection of the built heritage through regulatory measures to better control the architectural and landscape approach of projects;
- Adopt a development framework that ensures harmonious urban development that respects the reality of Lambert;
- Protect and enhance the public and private canopy through strict regulations;
- Increase the coolness islands by requiring the greening of public and private spaces;
- Implement a new development charge regime to fund infrastructure.

2. Encourage sustainable mobility and provide alternatives to driving alone

- Develop an active transportation network;
- Facilitate pedestrian and cyclist travel in summer and winter;
- Adopt regulatory measures to encourage car-sharing, car-pooling and the electrification of transportation.

3. Strengthen the living environment by enhancing our parks and protecting our green spaces

- Recognize the ecological, cultural, social and sports contribution of Saint-Lambert's parks;
- Submit a request to the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC), as part of the revision of the next Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (MLUP), to identify the two golf courses on the territory as green spaces that should be preserved in the long term;
- Encourage the emergence and sustainability of urban agriculture initiatives on public and private property.

4. Ensure a development based on diversity to better meet the needs of our community

- Develop a new diversified offer of housing and services that meets the needs of the entire population;
- Allow for the realization of big-generation housing;
- Encourage development that focuses on proximity to services.

5. Strengthen the attractiveness of the territory and stimulate the local economy

- Strengthen the vitality of the downtown area by favouring a diversity of commercial offerings;
- Relax parking requirements for downtown merchants.

Next steps

Once they are adopted, they will be submitted for the following approvals:

Within 30 days of the adoption of the by-laws, citizens may request that they be examined by the CMQ to determine whether they comply with the revised land-use plan. If such a request is made, the CMQ has 60 days to issue its opinion.

  • A register of eligible voters must be kept within 45 days of adoption of the by-law, ideally after the CMQ’s notice of compliance has been issued. A minimum of 1,700 signatures are required to trigger the referendum process.
  • if applicable, a vote must be held within 120 days of approval by the Regional County Municipality (RCM) and the CMQ’s notice of compliance.

The Agglomération de Longueuil will have 120 days following the date of transmission of the adopted by-laws to validate their compliance with the land-use plan.

Process halted

As part of the five-year review of the city's land-use plan and its by-laws, which began in 2019, City Council adopted the following by-laws on July 11, 2022:

  • Land-use plan of the Ville de Saint-Lambert (2022-200);
  • Zoning by-law (2022-201);
  • Subdivision by-law (2022-202);
  • Construction by-law (2022-203);
  • Permits and certificates by-law (2022-204)

Following the review process, a register was opened on November 21, 22 and 23, 2022 to allow persons qualified to vote to request that the zoning by-law (2022-201) and the subdivision by-law (2022-202) be submitted to a referendum.

A sufficient number of signatures having been obtained on the register, Council decided at its December 12, 2022 meeting to halt the adoption process for the land-use plan and by-laws rather than proceed with a referendum vote.

The 2008 by-laws therefore remain in effect for the time being until City Council is able to propose new zoning (2022-201) and subdivision (2022-202) by-laws. You can consult the Territorial development section for the detailed by-laws.

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