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Following the completion of the arena renovations, the Ville de Saint-Lambert turned its attention to the redevelopment of Lespérance Park, which had been eagerly anticipated by those who use it. In February 2016, an ad hoc committee, made up of users from different areas of activity, was created, with the goal of helping the municipality better identify the needs of users and make sure they are addressed.

Basing itself on the advisory committee’s report, the City began planning the redevelopment of the park and hired the firm AECOM. On May 1, 2017, the firm made a presentation to the committee, which was satisfied with this inclusive compromise, and the project was adopted by municipal council at its August 21, 2017 meeting. 

Elected in November 2017, the new municipal council continued to move this project forward. As of September 2018, work is now ready to begin.  To follow the step-by-step evolution of the project, visit the Info-Works for Lespérance Park page. 


The park accommodates a wide range of sports, recreation, leisure and community uses, which attract a large volume of users, a diverse clientele and a variety of visitors. The development plan took into consideration the needs of the various stakeholders and sought to optimize the park’s functionalities. 

Moreover, a particular effort was made to respond to the demands for quality of service and security, harmoniously integrate the park into the surrounding urban environment and preserve the quality of life for the neighbourhood’s residents.

You can view (or view again) the presentations that were shown during the meeting held on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at the multi-purpose centre. You will know more about the work that will be done this fall.
- Presentation of the project
- Presentation of the plans

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the Recreation, Sports and Community Services Office

Please note that the information on this page may differ from the information presented to you during the information meeting. 

Development plan

This development plan is the fruit of the work of the professional firm, which validated and integrated all of the advisory committee’s recommendations on the redesign and improvement of Lespérance Park. City Council reviewed and approved it with the goal of creating a project that would rally the community as much as possible.

Accordingly, the development plan envisions, among other things, the following elements:

Phase 1: Fall 2018

  • Expansion of the community gardens through the addition of 40 plots
  • Development of a dog park, whose location close to the lawn bowling club will ensure the tranquility of nearby residents
  • Complete redevelopment of the recreation centre parking lot including planting pits to reduce heat islands
  • At the request of users, the integration, near the curling rink, of a small ecological parking lot made out of honeycomb pavers, which enhance drainage by capturing rainwater run-off in their cells
  • Development of six micro-soccer fields
  • Development of an inviting and nicely integrated court between the arena and the curling club
  • Improvements to foot traffic with the construction of several walkways linking the different areas 

Phase 2: Spring 2019

  • Upgrading of the children’s playground and replacement of the play structures
  • Complete reconstruction of the wading pool with the addition of water games and a beach entry 
  • Improvements to the coulée verte through the addition of lighting and street furniture as well as repairs to the stone dust surface, which will enhance it while preserving its woodsy character 

The tennis courts and adjacent parking lot are not affected by this work.

 plan d'aménagement du parc Lespérance

Cost of the project

The complete project is estimated at around $3.5 million, which will be spread over two years.

To know more

For more information on the project, you can get in touch with the Engineering Department at or 450 466-3094.