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The mission of the Saint-Lambert municipal library is to foster the enrichment of all Lambertans by providing them with information in all its forms. To achieve this, its main focus is on providing:

  • quality collections
  • a proactive, skilled team
  • state-of-the-art tools and technology
  • a blend of services that meet the needs of its clientele
  • activities to support the development of collections, ideas, and community resources
  • appropriate and original promotional tools
  • a vital link with the community


In 1949, three Saint-Lambert residents, Edith King, Elizabeth Wallace, and Olive Cormier contemplated founding a library in memory of the men and women who perished during the World Wars. The Ville de Saint-Lambert donated a vacant lot at 510 Mercille Avenue, and, in 1953, the building that would house the library was completed. The library opened its doors in 1954, but eventually the need to expand became obvious. In 1964, the City acquired the building for $1, built an annex, which doubled the available space, and, the following year, incorporated the library into its municipal services. Twelve years later, the City acquired from the provincial government a much larger building, located nearby at 490 Mercille Avenue, to house the ever-expanding collection. In 1999, following 10 years of discussions, the surface of the library was doubled once more, thanks to an investment by the City and a successful fundraising campaign led by the Friends of the Library Foundation, which had been created in 1995.