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Overdue documents

Documents must be returned on or before the due date. Documents may be borrowed for 21 days, but fiction films, television series and video games may only be borrowed for 7 days. The following late fines apply for each document:

Documents for adults
Regular collection15¢ per day
(maximum $10)
Rentals50¢ per day (maximum $10)
Video games
Language-learning methods
50¢ per day
(maximum $10)
Documents for children
Regular collection5¢ per day
(maximum $3.75)

Children ages 12 and under

Children ages 12 and under pay no late fees. The fees indicated for children’s documents are applied to other categories of members who borrow these documents.

Overdue notices

If a document is not returned by its due date, a first overdue notice will be sent to the user by mail or email. If a second notice must be sent, a $2 fee will be added to the member’s file. If after this second notice the document is still not returned and the fines have not been paid, the user will be mailed a bill for the value of the document, and a $5 fee will be added to his or her file

Damaged or lost documents

When a document is damaged or lost, repair or replacement fees may be charged to the member responsible.