The accessibility mode increases the contrast for people with visual problems.

The Saint-Lambert Municipal Library is assuming a “third place” vocation by providing an attractive setting conducive to discussion, collaborative learning and socialization.

The “third place” (or “third space”) concept relates to people’s social surroundings. It refers to a special place, after the home (“first place”) and workplace (“second place”), where people socialize and find fulfilment.

After the home and the workplace or school, the municipal library is seeking to become an anchor of community life, a place where people can read, work and socialize while enjoying access to quality information in an atmosphere that facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. With its modern upgrades, it also provides a relaxing environment that showcases and promotes culture and reading. 

Mur rideau

New, luminous open architecture 

As soon as you set foot in the library, you will appreciate its new, open architecture and the pleasant atmosphere it creates. The combination of several features creates the various inviting light-filled spaces for reading, studying and consulting.

The best example is the glass curtain wall on the ground floor, facing Green Street. It allows a maximum of natural light to flood into this relaxing area, making it an ideal place for reading or quietly browsing through documents. 

Borne de prêt numériqueInnovative technologies

As a library member, you now have greater autonomy and freedom thanks to the self-service loan-and-return system. Three self-service kiosks make it quick and easy for you to check out materials yourself in total privacy.

The automated returns machine lets you delete the titles of the returned items immediately from your library member record, giving you greater independence and the freedom to use the services at your own pace! 

Salle Zia

The Zia Room

One of the new spaces well worth the discovery is the Zia Room (Salle Zia). This multi-media room designed to accommodate up to 50 people can be used as a venue for lectures, workshops, film screenings and work meetings. 

The room was named in honour of Mr. Isaac Yung Zung Zia, a Saint-Lambert resident and faithful library user. An exceptional bequest made by Mr. Zia to the Friends of the Saint-Lambert Library Foundation, together with a financial contribution from the Ville de Saint-Lambert, made this renovation and major upgrading of the library’s services possible. We are indebted to you, Mr. Zia!

Youth floor

As the name indicates, the Teen Space (Espace Ados) is designed especially for young teens aged 12 to 17. It has been outfitted to suit their tastes and meet their needs. Teenagers at last have a space of their own where they can do their homework, play video games, listen to music, and of course, read books. Eventually, digital creation equipment will also be made available to the young teens… and to the young-at-heart!

Youngsters can participate in activities and workshops and watch movies in the youth activity room, which features a friendly atmosphere tailored to children. This room is available to them at all times outside specific activity hours scheduled in the library program.

Individual and group work spaces

Two new meeting rooms big enough for two to six people and two individual work rooms are available, providing an environment adapted to your needs where you can work without disturbing the peace and quiet of readers.

Espace patrimoineEspace patrimoine 

Saint-Lambert is a city that has changed over the years to become what it is today. By creating the Espace patrimoine (Heritage showcase), the Ville de Saint-Lambert wishes to showcase the history of the municipality and ensure that it remains a vital and dynamic community.

A permanent exhibit in this space will walk you through the city’s history, presented under nine main themes. Take the opportunity to test your knowledge by doing the quiz on the interactive terminal also found here. 

Riche collection de documentsVast collections

Above all, the library is a constantly growing collection of materials, with over 98,000 items in its holdings. In addition to books, it includes journals and magazines, music CDs, and DVDs of television series and documentaries, not to mention a wealth of other items. For several years now, it has also offered digital resources (including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, etc.) through its online catalogue that you can consult whenever you want and wherever you are! To access the catalogue, visit