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Universal accessibility policy

Monday 7 July 2014

With its universal accessibility policy adopted in May, 2015, the City of Saint-Lambert reaffirms its commitment to continuing to move forward in pursuing its goal of social and professional integration for people with disabilities. The policy builds on initiatives already taken as part of the annual action plan concerning people with disabilities and, since 2014, the creation of a roundtable for people with disabilities.  

The goal of the universal accessibility policy is to support an approach that would foster the development of a social and urban environment without obstacles. By universal accessibility, the City understands a living environment that will allow all the population, including people with limited mobility, to participate fully in their community.

The universal accessibility policy will raise awareness among the various authorities and elected officials about the issues surrounding the social integration of people with disabilities or suffering from a handicap and their families. The policy will also encourage citizens to be sensitive to the importance of respecting people with disabilities.

For more information on the actions of the municipality, visit the Universal accessibility page.