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Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum

Friday 17 August 2018

For this third edition, the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum is adding nine new works, bringing to 38 the total number of pieces in the collection. 

Launched by the City of Saint-Lambert in spring 2016, the Saint-Lambert Open Air Museum is a project aimed at developing a touristic arts circuit. The goal of the project is to showcase the works of artists, painters or photographers by reproducing them in a large format and putting them on display for everyone to enjoy. 

Printed copies are available in municipal buildings.

Due to construction work on the building, the artwork Figures 6 from Sylvie Chartrand is currently being stored until fall 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

To discover all the project details, go to 100% culture Saint-Lambert microsite.

You can consult

Symbole pdf Open Air Museum brochure - 2018 edition

Symbole pdf Open Air Museum fold - 2018 edition 

Interactive format: Open Air Museum brochure - 2018 edition

Interactive format: Open Air Museum fold - 2018 edition