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Longueuil agglomération : Notice of a public consultation meeting (in French)

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Notice of a public consultation meeting on a draft by-law amending the land use and development plan

1.  At its August 27, 2020 meeting, the Agglomeration Council of the Ville de Longueuil adopted draft By-law CA-2020-339 amending By-law CA-2016-255 revising the land use and development plan for the Longueuil agglomeration and a document specifying the nature of the modifications that a municipality whose territory is within that of the Longueuil agglomeration will have to make, in the event of a modification to the plan, to its own plan and urban by-laws.

2.  In accordance with resolution CA-200827-8.7 and the ministerial order 2020-049 of July 4, 2020, any procedure relating to this by-law that involves the gathering or movement of citizens is replaced by a written consultation.

An explanatory document of the draft by-law is available on the Ville de Longueuil's website (In French) at the following address:

Complete notice available in French below.