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Coming into force of the by-law number 2019-43-18

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Public notice is hereby given that at the regular sitting of the Ville de Saint-Lambert Municipal Council, held on March 18, 2019, the following by-law was adopted:

  • By-law amending the zoning by-law to modify the boundary of zones RE-5 and PA-17 to take into account an amendment to the urban plan (2018-42-1) [translation]

This by-law is to amend the Zoning by-law (2008-43) to modify the boundaries of zones RE-5 and PA-17 of the zoning plan in order to ensure concordance with the modification of the City’s urban plan proposed by the adoption of the By-law amending the by-law revising the City of Saint-Lambert’s urban plan in order to modify the boundaries of the RÉ-5 recreational land use area and those of the R-6 residential land use area (2019-42-2) [translation]. 

This by-law came into force on May 4, 2019, at the expiry of the period granted to qualified voters in the city to request an assessment by the Commission municipale du Québec of the conformity of the by-law with the urban plan.