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The Ville-Marie borough reinstates noise limits at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Starting this summer, noise limits will be reinstated for events organized at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Following last year's positive experience with the City of Saint-Lambert and the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau, the members of the Ville-Marie borough council adopted this measure under an order governing events for the 2019 summer season.

Representatives of the two cities, Jean-François Parenteau, member of Montréal’s executive committee, responsible for citizen services, procurement, rolling stock and workshops, environment and sustainable development and mayor of the Verdun borough, and Pierre Brodeur, mayor of Saint-Lambert, are pleased to have reached an agreement:

“The reinstatement of noise limits at Parc Jean-Drapeau is the first concrete step we are taking to improve the quality of life of communities on both sides of the river. Beyond this measure, the cities of Montreal and Saint-Lambert as well as the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau will continue to act in collaboration and take preventive action throughout the season to limit the impact of noise generated by events.”

Concrete measures

With the exception of certain events authorized without noise limits, the maximum allowable pressure level will now be 75 dBA. For events whose contracts have already been signed, the limit will be 80 dBA. In addition to these ceilings, a low-frequency noise limit will have to be respected at all times.

In addition, the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau will continue to improve its complaint management system, and it will document events. This year will be particularly important as the new amphitheatre is set to host its first events. The performance of the nine delay towers installed on the site will be evaluated in order to better calibrate the sound according to events and weather conditions to reduce the transmission of noise beyond the islands.

Moreover, event promoters will be invited to take noise measurements both on and off the site. The borough's inspection team will also conduct spot checks during musical events.

Finally, among the mitigation measures being considered, Parc Jean-Drapeau’s managers would like to develop a better balance in the event programming at the park by hosting a diversity of year-round events and not just musical gatherings.

Always responsive to the population 

To learn more about the actions that will be taken this summer, residents of the City of Saint-Lambert are invited to an information session on June 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Saint-Lambert multi-purpose centre (81 Hooper Avenue), in the presence of Mr. Brodeur and Mr. Parenteau.

Like last year, comments and complaints concerning the noise of events at Parc Jean-Drapeau can be addressed to the Parc Jean-Drapeau customer service department at 514 872-6120, or by email at