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The Ville de Saint-Lambert regrets the closure of the private CHSLD VALEO

Friday 11 June 2021

The Ville de Saint-Lambert is disappointed to learn of the impending closure of the private CHSLD VALEO.

The City would like to express its support for the seniors who live there and their families, who will doubtless be there to support them during this difficult transition period. This news is especially upsetting for the residents and their loved ones, and we hope that they have the necessary resources and support to ensure their well-being.

Mayor Pierre Brodeur expressed his empathy for those affected: “This situation is of particular concern to the Ville de Saint-Lambert. We very much hope that a solution will be found to ensure the health and stability of our seniors. We are asking government authorities to reach an agreement quickly to ensure the protection of these vulnerable residents, especially since the building was recently built, is in excellent condition and perfectly suited as seniors’ residence. We hope it will be able to retain this vocation.”

The Ville de Saint-Lambert places great importance on the quality of life of its seniors. It is hoped that this situation will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction as soon as possible