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Situation update: The outdoor rinks are currently closed

Friday 15 January 2021

The Public Works team maintains the municipality's skating rinks on a daily basis. The recent weather conditions have unfortunately prevented the establishment of ice surfaces of sufficient quality to allow residents to fully enjoy the rinks.

Several factors contribute to this situation: 

  • Because our rinks sit on paved parking lots, to establish the first ice layer, there needs to be a good snow base. This snow base allows us to spray the surface more generously.
  • We then need a minimum of two consecutive nights with temperatures below -10°C, with little or no wind. Ideally, daytime temperatures should also be below -10°C.
  • While it’s possible to create an ice rink surface under less optimal conditions, it will be thinner and softer, deteriorate more easily and be less safe (especially if people are using it).
  • A warm spell of more than 24 hours above 0°C can melt the ice enough to require the whole process to start again from scratch.

Due to all these factors, the ice is currently not thick or safe enough to permit the use of the rinks. Unfortunately, some individuals are using them anyway, which hinders the work of our teams in their efforts to get the ice ready for use. 

As soon as the rinks are safe, we will officially announce their opening through our various communication tools, and monitors will then be present on site. We are confident that the cold snap forecast for next week will allow us to open the rinks soon. 

To keep informed about the condition of the rinks, residents can visit the Eric Sharp arena and outdoor skating rinks section.