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Saint-Lambert receives award from the Tunnelling Association of Canada for part of the Riverside Street rehabilitation project

Friday 13 November 2020


The City of Saint-Lambert is proud to announce that it has received the Canadian Project of the Year Award (up to $100M) from the Tunnelling Association of Canada for its installation of a storm sewer pipe using a microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) during phase 6 of the Riverside Street rehabilitation project. 

 “It fills me with pride to see that we have won this award. Especially as it comes right at the time when the enormous Riverside Street rehabilitation project, which began in 2012, is finally winding down. Apart from a few repair and surface works planned for next year, the biggest infrastructure project in Saint-Lambert’s history will be ending this year on this very positive note. This achievement demonstrates beyond all doubt the great competence of our personnel and administration, and helps make Saint-Lambert such a fine place to live,” added Mayor Pierre Brodeur. 

Why this award?

The exceptional nature of the project, for which the City has received this award, lies mainly in the fact that the huge pipe measuring 2.25 metres in diameter had to be installed in mixed soils (hard rock and loose soil) and near the foundations of two bridges, namely, the CN railway bridge and the Ministère des Transports’ road bridge. A trenchless method was thus chosen to protect these two structures. The pipe was successfully installed thanks to a single pass of a slurry microtunnel boring machine over a distance of 266 m, while integrating a transition at 55 m from the launch pit, with a horizontal bend radius of 1500 m.

Throughout the process, the bridge structures were under close surveillance that was meticulously planned and coordinated with CN and the MTQ. By the end of the work 19 days later, no impact had been observed on the structures. 

Project video
To know more about the project, you can watch de presentation video available at the following address:

This award shows the City’s vision and innovation in its execution of these works. Choosing an avant-garde method poses a major challenge, as it leads us into unknown territory. Rigorous planning, the services of a solid, qualified team and a collaborative approach by all stakeholders resulted in the successful and flawless completion of the project, and has now earned it the recognition of a competent authority in the field.


The City of Saint-Lambert wishes to thank the general contractor in charge of Phase 6 of the Riverside Street rehabilitation project, Les Entreprises Michaudville, as well as the contractor responsible for the microtunnel, Ward & Burke Microtunnelling; the company CIMA+; and the firm Hatch, all of whom were key actors in getting this project done. 

The project was also made possible through financial aid of $21.9M received under the Quebec government’s Programme d'infrastructures Québec-Municipalités (PIQM). 

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