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The Saint-Lambert library getting rid of late fees

Friday 27 November 2020

The City of Saint-Lambert is very proud to announce that is it permanently eliminating library late fees.

The aim of this measure is to promote greater access to culture. According to the Quebec Public Library Association, late fees can constitute an economic deterrent to library use, particularly for the most disadvantaged citizens and families. 

These fees can quickly add up for a family with documents that are only a few days overdue. Rather than encouraging the timely return of materials, these fees may simply discourage some patrons from using the library altogether. They then deprive themselves of all the resources and services offered by the library.

“The library is first and foremost intended to be a welcoming place that is accessible to everyone. We want the entire population to be able to use it to study, relax and enrich their lives. By eliminating late fees, we are removing one of the barriers that impede access to learning and culture,” said Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

This new measure will also help reduce the administrative tasks related to late fee collection, which are often not worth the extra revenue from these fees, and to foster good relations between the staff and users.

Despite the absence of late fees, users are encouraged to respect the due dates for their documents to ensure that they will be available for all library members. As such, late notices will continue to be sent when materials are not returned by the required due date. After two notices, they will be considered lost. Fees for lost or damaged documents will remain in effect.

An international movement

This measure is part of the international “Fine Free Library” movement, which demonstrates the benefits of permanently ending late fees. In Quebec, 16% of public libraries have already joined this movement. To know more: