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The rehabilitation of the former Anglican church takes a step forward

Thursday 3 June 2021

Ancienne Église anglicane

Mayor Pierre Brodeur is pleased to announce that the Demolition Committee voted by a majority on May 31 to accept the permit application for the building located at 263 Elm Street, whose deconstruction is part of a major rehabilitation project for the former Anglican church.

“I am delighted that the project is taking another step forward. The developer will invest heavily in the building to salvage as many elements as possible and reconstruct as faithful a version of the original as possible while assuring the harmonious integration of this inspirational project for our community. This achievement will ensure the preservation of the former Anglican church once and for all, and will bring closure to a file that has gone on for too long,” said Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

This step follows the approval of the Siting and Architectural Integration Plan (SAIP) at the February 15, 2021 meeting. Unless the Demolition Committee's decision is opposed within the next 30 days, requiring a new vote by City Council, the developer will have completed all the necessary steps for the realization of the project. Once completed, the former Anglican church will house a commercial space, which will also include shared work spaces in a new annex building. 

"I firmly believe that the realization of this project will benefit the Lambert economy and contribute to the vitality of the downtown area. I look forward to seeing this project, which will revive this iconic downtown building, finally take shape," concluded the mayor.

About the building

This building was originally home to an Anglican church and was converted into a Masonic temple in 1928. No longer being used, the building was finally put up for sale by its owners in 1998, when it was bought by the Ville de Saint-Lambert. Since then, the City has been trying to find a new mission for the old Anglican church. 

In March 2016, City Council accepted the offer of Max Dubois and sold the building to him in October 2017. In September 2019, due to its advanced state of disrepair and as a necessary condition for safe and sustainable work, the Ville de Saint-Lambert authorized the purchaser to dismantle the building before rebuilding it in its original form, recovering as much material as possible.