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Quebec Waste Reduction Week: Lambertans' efforts are beginning to produce positive results

Friday 18 October 2019

During Quebec’s Waste Reduction Week, the City of Saint-Lambert is pleased to note that residents’ efforts to reduce their output of waste destined for the landfill are beginning to produce positive results.

Not only did many Lambertans embrace organic waste collection last May, but they also used the opportunity to reduce their total waste production at the same time. In fact, more than 200 tonnes of waste, or 29%, have been diverted from the landfill since the arrival of the brown bin. This data demonstrates that a positive change is underway in our municipality. The City invites residents to stay the course and continue to educate their friends and neighbours to encourage them to reduce their overall production of waste at the source.

“Good things come in threes”

In addition to waste and organic materials, in this age of overpackaging and plastic, residents are invited to think about the amount of recyclable materials they produce. The City encourages everyone to make informed choices, because this is the next challenge that awaits us.