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No redevelopment projects will be authorized before the completion of the land-use plan and regulatory review

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Following the announcement by PUR Immobilia concerning its role as developer of the Dare factory and former Rona hardware store properties, the Ville de Saint-Lambert wishes to remind citizens that a process to overhaul the urban planning tools is currently underway. Accordingly, no redevelopment project will be authorized in the Saint-Charles sector until the end of the process, which is expected to take 8 to 12 months, on track for completion by 2022.

“The announcement by a developer in relation to the redevelopment of the Saint-Charles sector is a private initiative, aimed at communicating its vision to the public and initiating a dialogue. I want to reassure you that the project presented is based on a preliminary version of the special urban planning program for this sector, which will be reviewed and adjusted to reflect citizen participation in the decision-making process. It is in no way binding on the municipality,” said Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

Overhaul process underway

For several months, the City of Saint-Lambert has been working to update its land-use plan and all of its bylaws with the help of a redevelopment committee, formed for the purpose, and City Council. When the various draft documents were tabled in early 2021, the City conducted a public consultation via its new virtual public participation portal to obtain citizens’ comments on the regulatory review project. A report on this consultation will be produced and posted on the platform shortly.

All the documents will be reviewed, and the various preliminary urban planning tools will be fine-tuned based on the comments received during the consultation. As part of this process, the specific land-use plan for the Saint-Charles sector will also be adjusted based on comments from residents and the recommendations of the redevelopment committee and of elected officials. City Council will then adopt the first draft, which will include all the planning tools, before moving on to the official consultation stage.

“Nothing has yet been decided with regard to the development prospects for this sector. After the adoption of the first drafts, which will reflect the key findings of the consultations, the by-laws will be submitted again for public approval. Your support for the vision of our city is important, and I encourage you to continue to be involved by taking part in the second consultation. Only at the end of the process will we be able to evaluate the projects submitted to us,” concluded the mayor.