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New pilot project for summer 2020 | Front-yard vegetable gardens in Saint-Lambert!

Thursday 4 June 2020

The City of Saint-Lambert is pleased to announce the launch of a new pilot project for the 2020 summer season that will allow residents to grow fruits and vegetables in their front yards

Here in Saint-Lambert, we are very proud to be implementing this pilot project involving front-yard vegetable gardens. We thus hope to move toward food self-sufficiency. This decision adds to our many other initiatives aimed at helping the City continue to go green,” stated Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

Measures that must be respected

Residents wishing to grow a vegetable garden in their front yard must, however, respect the following measures:

  • The vegetable garden must by on their private property at least 60 cm away from the front property line, at least 2 m from the sidewalk or edge of the road, and at least 1 m from other property lines.
  • The maximum surface area permitted for front-yard vegetable gardens is 10 square metres.
  • Front-yard plants and their supports or stakes, etc., must not be taller than 1 metre.
  • The existing ground level must not be raised.
  • Planters are permitted, but they must be removable if the City does not continue with this initiative after the pilot project.
  • No home vegetable garden product may be displayed or sold.
  • The vegetable garden must be well maintained and weeded.
  • Only plant stakes and supports, wire meshes, nets, and wooden, metal or plastic trellises or cords qualify as removable structures.

We hope that many residents will take part in this project and try to create attractive gardens that will add to our city’s charm,” concluded the mayor.