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Former Anglican Church to become an economic lever

Thursday 8 July 2021

The Ville de Saint-Lambert witnessed a historic moment last night,” said a delighted Mayor Pierre Brodeur after City Council voted by a majority in favour of the demolition permit for the building located at 263 Elm Street, following the appeal of the decision by the Demolition Committee. This permit authorizes the deconstruction of the former Anglican church as part of its major rehabilitation and its integration into a new commercial project.

In its decision, the municipal council imposed strict conditions on the developer. In particular, the developer will be required to post a monetary guarantee in the amount of $497,300 as well as to complete the demolition within 90 days and the construction of the project within 18 months, in compliance with all by-laws and legislation in effect. “It is imperative that we ensure the success of this project. It must be carried out in accordance with best industry standards while respecting the original building. After all these years of waiting, we have a moral obligation to the entire population of Saint-Lambert to rehabilitate the former Anglican church and give it a new vocation, thereby ensuring the long-term future of this local heritage gem,” explained Mr. Brodeur.

Once completed, the former Anglican church will house a commercial space, which will also include shared work spaces in a new annex building. “I firmly believe that the realization of this project will benefit the Saint-Lambert economy by creating wealth and contributing to the vitality of the downtown area. I look forward to seeing this project, which will revive this iconic downtown building, finally take shape,continued the mayor.

The realization of this project will bring to a close a situation that has persisted for more than twenty-five years. “The preservation of the former Anglican church and the harmonious integration of this inspirational project into the downtown area will undoubtedly be one of the legacies of my mandate of which I will remain the proudest,” concluded the mayor.

About the building

This building was originally home to an Anglican church and was converted into a Masonic temple in 1928. No longer being used, the building was finally put up for sale by its owners in 1998, when it was bought by the Ville de Saint-Lambert. Since then, the City has been trying to find a new mission for the old Anglican church.

In March 2016, City Council accepted the offer of a developer and sold the building to him in October 2017. In September 2019, due to its advanced state of disrepair and as a necessary condition for safe and sustainable work, the Ville de Saint-Lambert authorized the purchaser to dismantle the building before rebuilding it in its original form, recovering as much material as possible.

On February 15, 2021, City Council approved the Siting & Architectural Integration Plan (SAIP), and on May 31, 2021, the Demolition Committee voted by a majority to accept the permit application for the building.