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Discover various artistic disciplines in Saint-Lambert during the Journées de la culture

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Journées de la culture 2020

2020-09-29 - Cancellation of activities
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all activities planned for the Journées de la culture have been cancelled. Thank you for your understanding!

The Journées de la culture 2020 will run under the theme 1,001 cultural occupations. This year, for the very first time, they will span an entire month rather than one weekend so that everyone can take full advantage.

From September 25 to October 25, the City of Saint-Lambert will be offering a broad program of activities where residents can discover various artistic disciplines, as well as the artists who practice them.

Program features 

Visual arts

For a second year, a Saint-Lambert art circuit will be offered to Lambertans to immerse them in the creative environment of local professional artists. On September 26 and 27, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., they will be able to stop by the workshops of the following artists: Annabelle Marquis, Lyne Marquis, Margaret Lipsey, Rosita Abdo, Masako Miyazaki.

They will also be invited to the traditional Foire d’art contemporain de Saint-Lambert (contemporary art fair), from October 1 to 4, where they will be able to admire the work of some 30 artists, as well as chat with them.

Following these activities, those wishing to learn more about the occupation of artist-painter will be able to satisfy their curiosity by attending the screening of the short film L’envie d’être artiste – portrait d’artiste Annabelle Marquis.


The program also features numerous informal talks with authors and Quebec illustrators that will introduce children and adults to these fascinating worlds. During the month of October, they will be able to learn more about the creative process of authors Louise Lacoursière, Kim Thuy and Lou Beauchesne and illustrators Amandine Gardie, Philippe Béha and Geneviève Després.

At the live-reading activity Sylvie Potvin lit Clémence DesRochers, residents will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the texts of this well-known figure on the Quebec art scene.


At the informative talk Métier : chef de chœur (the profession of choral conductor) given by Xavier Brossard-Ménard of the St. Lambert Choral Society, participants will learn more about this little-known profession within a music group. Those wanting to discover the world of jazz or jazz buffs are sure to appreciate the concert by the quartet Solarium offered by the Conservatoire de musique de la Montérégie.

Discovery workshops

Several workshops will be offered for children and for adults wishing to learn about a specific artistic discipline. At the atelier d’écriture d’un récit de vie (lifewriting workshop), participants will learn to tell their own story through writing exercises.

Toddlers from 0 to 36 months old will explore the world of music and sound through music workshops, while in the Théâtre des émotions, children aged 3 to 5 years will learn to better understand and express the surges of emotion they experience.

Lastly, youngsters aged 9 to 12 years will be introduced to one of the least known stages of film-making – the production of sound effects – at the workshop Du cinéma pour les oreilles : Deviens bruiteur!

Information and registration

All the activities offered are free of charge, but most require registration and masks must be worn to participate. Visit for descriptions of the various activities and the registration procedures.

Financial support

A number of the activities offered during the Journées de la culture are made possible through financial support from the Government of Quebec and the City of Saint-Lambert, under the cultural development agreement between the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications and the City of Saint-Lambert.

Journées de la culture

A province-wide event, the Journées de la culture were created to help showcase, reinforce and speed up the democratization of culture in Quebec. For additional information, visit