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The City of Saint-Lambert will open its community gardens this summer

Thursday 7 May 2020

The City of Saint-Lambert is pleased to announce that it will open its community gardens starting Monday, May 11.

This measure is intended to allow residents to obtain fresh produce at a low cost. Many residents do not have garden at home where they can grow their own food. By opening the community gardens, the City is allowing them to continue to have access to nutritious food while enjoying a recreational activity that’s good for their health. 

In order to ensure a safe environment for all gardeners, the City of Saint-Lambert is asking users to respect hygiene and physical distancing measures. Access to the gardens will therefore be controlled. Gardeners may only work in the gardens according to a predetermined schedule based on their lot number, to avoid having everyone show up at the same time and to facilitate physical distancing. A maximum of two members per family will be permitted.

Gardeners will also have to bring their own tools and wear gloves at all times. Garden hoses and water taps must be wiped down after each use with the disinfecting supplies provided. Prevention measures will be posted, and volunteers will be on site to ensure that the health recommendations are followed.

All the protective measures that will be put in place to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 may be consulted on the Parks and bike paths page.

Collective gardens

The City of Saint-Lambert has also given its approval to the Saint-Lambert Ecocitizens Network to allow the volunteers who take care of the collective gardens in Saint-Denis Park to continue to do so this summer. Only two volunteers at a time will be allowed in the gardens at a time, and they will also have to respect hygiene and physical distancing measures.