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The City of Saint-Lambert is setting up five voluntary organic waste disposal sites in the municipality

Friday 14 June 2019

To allow residents who are not part of the first phase of the organic waste collection to be able to take part in the service, the City of Saint-Lambert is pleased to provide them with five voluntary organic waste repositories.

Residents can now deposit raw or cooked food leftovers without packaging, soiled paper and cardboard that has not been moistened with chemical products and small quantities of still-green plant waste in disposal containers at the following locations:

  • Near the Public Works Office (in the Saint-Denis Park parking lot)
  • At City Hall (55 Argyle Avenue)
  • At the recreation centre (600 Oak Avenue - on the Lespérance Street side of the building)
  • At Seaway Park (430 Riverside Drive)
  • In the De Navarre Park (De Navarre Avenue)

It is important not to use regular, oxobiodegradable or compostable plastic bags in the brown bin or to place branches or dead leaves in it. These must be put out for pickup during the green waste collections. 

The municipal workers will see to the upkeep of the containers, and they will empty them every Wednesday during the summer.

Implementation of the organic waste collection

The organic waste collection began on May 1. It will gradually be phased in between 2019 and 2022, when all the homes in Saint-Lambert will have access to the service. Residents who received their brown bin this year are those who live in single-family homes or buildings with 8 dwelling units or fewer.

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