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The City of Saint-Lambert receives a grant to create an edible space in Mercille Park

Thursday 2 September 2021

Under Tree Canada's national Edible Trees program, the City of Saint-Lambert has received a $3,500 grant for the creation of an edible space in Mercille Park.

The Edible Trees program encourages urban greening as well as access to healthy food by investing in fruit and nut tree plantings in communities across the country.

“The Edible Trees Program provides more than just funding for community-based projects,” explained Danielle St-Aubin, CEO of Tree Canada. “We support the communities with education and expertise to help ensure the new fruit and nut trees flourish. Through the Edible Trees program, communities have access to fresh produce and improve their green spaces, contributing to a healthier environment and healthier people.”

Thanks to this grant, the City planted 8 trees, 24 shrubs and 15 edible vines in Mercille Park last fall. The City's Public Works team added a few more plants this spring.

The design was inspired by the "food forest," a gardening technique that mimics the structure of a natural forest. As in a natural ecosystem, plants interact and benefit each other, thus requiring little in the way of maintenance. In addition to helping to improve the quality of green spaces, this type of planting allows fresh food to be produced locally and is part of the urban agriculture movement.                 

"Through our urban agriculture policy, adopted in 2016, we want to encourage various initiatives that would allow residents to source healthy food, within city limits whenever possible. This plantation is an example of an action that supports this objective, since all citizens have access to it and can take advantage of it," said Mayor Pierre Brodeur. 

The Mercille Park plantation will evolve over time and is open to everyone. When the crops are ready to be harvested, residents are welcome to come and get some. 

Lancement de l'espace comestible

Sur la photo : Marie-Eve Ferland, chef de la Division de l’environnement à la Ville de Saint-Lambert; Annik Lafortune, membre du Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert; Claudette Gagnon, membre du Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert; Pierre Brodeur, maire de Saint-Lambert; Émile Richer, responsable de la foresterie urbaine à la Ville de Saint-Lambert et Dara Larfeuil-Peressini, conseillère communautaire chez Arbres Canada

Plants de l'espace comestible