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The City of Saint-Lambert offers you an entertaining year-end!

Friday 13 November 2020

Image activités à distance

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the City of Saint-Lambert has decided to offer a brand new program of activities that will mostly be carried out remotely online. This revamped program includes sports, literary and cultural activities for both children and adults. Something for everyone to enjoy until the Christmas holidays! 

“We are aware that cultural and recreational activities are important for the vitality of our community and our collective well-being. We are therefore very pleased to have adapted our previously planned program in light of the challenges imposed by the ongoing pandemic. Citizens will have lots of opportunity to have fun through to the holidays,” specified Mayor Pierre Brodeur. 

Culture on offer

Those who love reading, art and culture won’t be left out! 

Festive activities

A number of activities are offered to help put you into the spirit of the holidays, which are just around the corner! 

Let’s get moving!

A variety of sports activities, offered via videoconferencing, will allow everyone who likes to move a chance to burn off all the excess energy accumulated during the weeks of confinement. The following courses are on offer until December 18:

  • Tai-chi-chuan (in French): Natalie Coutu offers a Tai Chi Chuan course for all ages. Tai Chi Chuan is a mixture of health gymnastics, a martial art and a Chinese philosophy.
  • Interval cardio course (in French): Lucie Laurin offers a course featuring simple, but intense athletic movements that give the heart a workout and improve muscle strength. The class ends with a few flexibility exercises.
  • “Retired and in shape” course (in French): Karine from THT offers a variety of exercises (no jumping) adapted to an older clientele to help them stay in good shape.
  • Pilates, yoga et meditation: Karine from THT offers a basic course featuring various Pilates-type stretching exercises to strengthen your muscular endurance.

To learn more…

For all the details on these activities and to find out how to participate, citizens can consult the complete program found on the calendar page of the City’s website.