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The City of Saint-Lambert launches its brand-new portal for virtual public consultations

Thursday 4 February 2021

Bandeau consultation publique

The City of Saint-Lambert is proud to launch its brand-new virtual public consultation portal.

Designed as an alternative to in-person consultations, which are impossible for now, this portal is also intended to facilitate dialogue with residents and their participation in municipal life.

“Given that this portal makes it possible to participate in different consultations anywhere anytime, its use should enable us to reach more residents and expand the range of opinions collected. I hope that residents will take advantage of this unique window to express their views and communicate their concerns and expectations regarding various promising projects for our city,” commented Mayor Pierre Brodeur.

More specifically, by using this platform, residents will be able to:

  • obtain information on the various projects under way;
  • express their opinions on the different issues involved, using one or another of the means proposed; and
  • become actively involved in the different phases of the projects.

How it works

The portal will include one page per project detailing all the relevant information, including a timeline and supporting documents. It will also identify the various means chosen to reach the information-collection objectives more effectively.

This very comprehensive and adaptable toolkit offers a more traditional type of survey, a forum for exchanging ideas and a virtual idea wall where residents can share suggestions and vote for their preferences. They can also see how the process is progressing and refer back to the past phases, if need be.

Consultations now under way

Two consultation processes are already under way on the new portal. The first concerns the land-use plan, and represents the first step in what will eventually be the complete revamping of the land-use by-laws. The second consultation concerns the municipal magazine, and seeks to find out what residents think about this new tool, as well as their information needs.

Residents can now log on to to take part!