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The City of Saint-Lambert exhibits André Dubois’s work Monument at the library

Thursday 11 April 2019

The City of Saint-Lambert is proud to display the work entitled Monument, created by André Dubois, at the municipal library. The piece is a collage whose goal is to arouse curiosity about art and words.

Last July, in collaboration with the municipality, artist André Dubois invited the citizens of Montérégie to send him a sentence from a Quebec author that left a special impression on them, regardless of the genre or when it was published.

From those he received, Dubois created a collage that took the form of various arrangements presented under plexiglass. The title of the work, Monument, is meant to evoke the notion of “what makes one think and what makes one remember.” The work seeks to bring the community together to experience the culture of words, a key issue at the heart of collective identity and development.

Citizens can come and admire Monument at the library during opening hours.

About the artist

A multidisciplinary, self-taught artist, André Dubois has taken part in numerous group exhibitions over the last 15 years in addition to having had a few solo exhibitions and being active on the public art scene. 

His work Renne V1 is on display as part of the Open Air Museum. Visit to find out more.