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The cities of Montréal and Saint-Lambert and the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau work together to better manage the noise issue

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Comité directeur pour la la question du bruit généré par les événements tenus au parc Jean-Drapeau

As the Parc Jean-Drapeau festivities get under way, the City of Saint-Lambert, the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau and the Ville-Marie borough are pleased to announce a new collaboration that will make it possible, starting in 2018, to better manage the issue of noise generated by events held at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Representatives of each of the bodies, Jean-François Parenteau, member of Montréal’s executive committee, responsible for citizen services, procurement, rolling stock and workshops, environment and sustainable development and mayor of the Verdun borough, Pierre Brodeur, mayor of Saint-Lambert, and Ronald Cyr, general manager of the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau, agreed to establish the preliminary foundations:

“We are now working hand in hand on noise management related to summer events,” they affirmed together. “The quality of life of our residents, from one riverbank to the other, must remain our priority. We are therefore confident that we will find short- and long-term solutions to keep relations as harmonious as possible.”

Two working committees in place

To ensure this is a successful collaboration, the three jurisdictions have set up a steering committee. Its members have already been working for several weeks to find possible solutions to facilitate more pleasant cohabitation between residents and event promoters.

In addition, a technical committee on which the representatives of the three parties sit has been set up. Its primary mandate will be to closely monitor sound-level measurements on a weekly basis. Based on the data collected, the committee will be able to make recommendations and propose a maximum decibel cap that could be effective as early as spring 2019.

More sound level meters

For the summer of 2018, the cities and the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau will acquire three new sound level meters that will take sound measurements at three sites. More specifically, one sensor will be installed at Parc Jean-Drapeau in the area dedicated to shows, another will be placed near Habitat 67, and the third will be located at the boundary of residential properties in Saint-Lambert.

Data available online

For the sake of transparency, the sound readings will be made public in July on a web page specifically created for the project. The data will be collected every 15 minutes throughout the event season in the park and will be available in real time on this site.

The sound level meters will be in place and the website will be online from July to September.

Listening to citizens

Citizens are invited to provide their comments by calling the Parc Jean-Drapeau customer service department at 514 872-6120 until 9 p.m. on show nights, or by emailing after 9 p.m.

Lastly, Messrs. Brodeur, Parenteau and Cyr invite the citizens of the city of Saint-Lambert to an information evening to discuss the action that will be taken in 2019 regarding noise related to musical events. This meeting will take place on Thursday, June 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Saint-Lambert multi-purpose centre, located at 81 Hooper Street.