Paving repairs on a section of Green Street

Starting July 7, the Ville de Saint-Lambert will proceed with work to replace the paving on Green Street between Oak Avenue and Tiffin Road. The work is required because the surface asphalt layer is in poor condition and deteriorating rapidly due to a variety of reasons.

Description of the work

The base course appears to be in good condition. The work will therefore consist of completely removing the existing road surface course and laying a new one. This will prevent the damage from spreading to the base course and the pavement structure.

The contractor will take the opportunity to rebuild certain sections of damaged sidewalk. The work will be completed before the start of the school year.


The detour route will be via Desaulniers Boulevard. Local residents will have access to their driveways almost all the time. However, we ask that they avoid driving on Green Street as much as possible and access their homes via the nearest cross street.

The intersections of Oak, Maple, Walnut, Curzon, Merton, Sanford, Dulwich, and Brixton Avenues will remain open most of the time. Motorists should, however, expect intermittent closures of these intersections or extended closures during longer paving operations.

Chemin de détour lors des travaux de pavage de la rue Green entre l’avenue Oak et le chemin Tiffin

Neighbourhood residents

The reconstruction of a street is a complex operation involving many companies, and it disrupts people’s lives. We invite you to consult the Practical information during roadwork page, which will offer practical tips to ensure your daily routine remains as unaffected as possible.

Access to private parking lots may be temporarily blocked during the work, but will generally be accessible. However, for residences where sidewalk repairs are required in front of their driveway, it will be impossible for you to access your parking lot for a maximum period of 10 working days.

An adhesive will be applied prior to the installation of the asphalt pavement. This glue may stain vehicles and tire marks may appear on the pavement surfaces if you drive on them. For these reasons, as we approach the paving of the surface course, when we will know the exact date, we will ask you to get your vehicle out of your driveway for the entire day, otherwise it will not be possible to use it. The street will then be closed to all traffic to prevent vehicles from marking the pavement before it cools.

Parking on Green Street will be prohibited for the full duration of the work. We ask that you use the adjacent streets if necessary.

Present on the construction site, Parmela Laguerre or one of her assistants will do everything possible to help you better cope with the small problems generated by the work. Mrs. Laguerre works for the City as a civil engineering technician and will be the person to speak to for the duration of the project. If you wish to reach her, call : 438-368-7606. To join the engineering division responsible for the work, call : 450-466-3094.


The information on this page will be regularly updated. We invite you to check it regularly for progress reports on the work.

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