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2019 Lambertois Awards

2019 Lambertois Merit Award

Prix Lambertois 2019 Jacynthe McNicoll
Lambertois in Heart and Deed

The Ville de Saint-Lambert presented a Lambertois in Heart and Deed award to Jacynthe McNicoll in recognition of her 18 years of unstinting devotion to the Citizens’ Woodland.

On her own initiative, out of pure passion and an enduring attachment for this distinctive park, she has taken charge of maintaining the Woodland with the goal of preserving it for future generations. Since 2001, season after season and year after year, Ms. McNicoll has diligently cared for this park’s trees. In 2018, she coordinated a major clean-up to revitalize the Woodland for its 25th anniversary.

Thanks to her actions, the splendour of the Citizens’ Woodland, a park steeped in history, has been preserved for our entire community to continue to enjoy.

Prix LambertoisDonna Tremblay
Lambertois Award in the “Sports” category

Donna Tremblay was honoured with a Lambertois Award in recognition of her participation in numerous competitions as part of the Two Abreast dragon boat team of cancer survivors.

For the past 20 years, Ms. Tremblay has been a proud ambassador and member of this sports team, whose goal is to demonstrate that life goes on after cancer. The team teaches participants the importance of the benefits of rehabilitation, recreational exercise and a continued commitment to living a full and active life.

Ms. Tremblay is an inspiring role model for our community. Through her perseverance in sports and her resilience, she offers hope to women living with the disease. Her dedication and involvement testify to the importance of setting goals in the fight against cancer and adopting healthy habits to restore balance in one’s life. 

Prix LambertoisHelen Allen
Lambertois in Heart and Deed

Helen Allen was awarded the Lambertois Award in Heart and Deed to underscore her involvement with Lambertan youth through the Scout movement.  

Ms. Allen has been a volunteer with the St. Barnabas Scout Group for the past 13 years, and she is a key member of the group’s leadership team. Working with the Beaver Scouts, Ms. Allen co-ordinates the efforts of the leadership team, planning the crafts, games and other activities for the scouts’ weekly meetings. Her commitment to organizing a well-rounded program greatly contributes to the success of the group’s camps and annual fundraising campaign.  

Through her tireless efforts, Ms. Allen is helping the group carry out Scouts Canada’s mission of developing well-rounded Lambertan youth who are better prepared for success in the world.

Prix LambertoisMaili-Jade Ouellet
Lambertois Award in the “Culture” category 

This Lambertois Award was presented to Maili-Jade Ouellet, who, despite her youth, has already distinguished herself on the international scene for her chess talent.

In 2016, Maili-Jade Ouellet obtained the title of Woman International Master, the second highest title awarded exclusively to women by the International Chess Federation. Then, in the winter of 2017, thanks to her win at the annual tournament of the best chess players in the country, this young Lambertan was crowned Canadian champion. At 15, she became the youngest chess champion in history and the third woman in Quebec to win this title since 1975.

These distinctions do not come without effort.  She spends six to seven hours a week practising with her coach and in various chess clubs. Ms. Ouellet has demonstrated that passion and perseverance make it possible to excel and realize one’s dreams.

Prix LambertoisJeannine Mongeau
Lambertois in Heart and Deed

Jeannine Mongeau received a Lambertois Award in recognition of her indispensable involvement as a volunteer with the Comité d’entraide Saint-Lambert for nearly 10 years.

A socially engaged, dedicated citizen who is always ready to help others, Ms. Mongeau played a major role in making sure more than 200 families were warmly welcomed into our community. Her actions have included innumerable car trips to transport bags of clothing, furniture, household items and many other donated articles to those most in need.

During the major fire at 5525 Plamondon on December 23, 2013, she demonstrated an unprecedented level of dedication. She attended to the needs of the victims every day and, with the utmost professionalism, supervised the sorting and distribution of the items that had been generously donated by the residents of Saint-Lambert. Jeannine Mongeau’s generosity of spirit turned those two weeks into a story of love and compassion.

The Ville de Saint-Lambert hopes this Lambertois Merit Award will inspire other residents to follow the example of Jeannine Mongeau and get involved in their community. 

Prix LambertoisMarc Chadillon
Lambertois Award in the “Professional Life” category

The Ville de Saint-Lambert presented Marc Chadillon with this Lambertois Award to highlight his active and ongoing professional involvement, which goes above and beyond his work as an architect.

For this and other actions, on June 2019, Marc Chadillon received an Award of Merit of the Quebec Interprofessional Council (QIC). He is the fifth architect in 30 years to receive this honour. Presented by the Ordre des architectes du Québec, this award recognizes his long-standing commitment and important contribution to his profession. 

In addition to his significant workload as a project manager for the Government of Canada, Mr. Chadillon is frequently asked to participate in various projects to further the development of the profession for the next generation and for the community in general. As such, between 2011 and 2019, he shared his expertise as a member of the on the Traffic Management Committee, and in 2013, he served as chair of the Roundtable Consultative Group that guided the arena renovation.

Prix LambertoisSerge Émond
Lambertois in Heart and Deed

The Ville de Saint-Lambert awarded this Lambertois Award to Serge Émond in recognition of his involvement in the community gardens.

Himself a gardener for nearly 15 years, Mr. Émond understands the importance of this activity, which allows people to interact and socialize with others who share the same passion. His actions have actively contributed to the development of the community gardens and to the integration of new gardeners.

Using the expertise he acquired over the years along with his training in environmental design, he voluntarily contributed to the modernization of the gardens by designing the development plan and the lot division system, placing a strong focus on universal accessibility and the operational efficiency of the gardens. His work has contributed to making it possible for more people to enjoy this relaxing hobby that encourages healthy life habits.

Prix LambertoisSociété chorale de Saint-Lambert
Lambertois Award in the “Culture” category

The Saint-Lambert Choral Society received a Lambertois Award in honour of its 100th anniversary and its reputation for excellence.

In 2019, the Saint-Lambert Choral Society became the first centenarian choir in Quebec and the third in Canada. During this special milestone year, it presented a unique program that bears witness to its vitality. It has received a number of honours, including the Medal of the National Assembly and congratulatory letters from the Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada and the Alliance chorale du Québec. 

Over the course of its 100 years, the Saint-Lambert Choral Society has stood out from other amateur choirs thanks to the quality of its performances, its longevity and its consummate professionalism. It is the pride of our city and contributes to enriching the cultural life of our community and the greater Montreal region.