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Lambertois 2016

Catherine Gillbert

Catherine Gillbert
Lambertois in Heart and Deed

Catherine Gillbert is honoured with a Lambertois Merit Award in recognition of her ongoing efforts to promote mental health in the community. 

For more a decade, Ms. Gillbert has been actively involved in the mental health cause, mainly through the organization Le Havre, which offers a variety of support and assistance services to Montérégie residents. As the Chair of the Board of Directors, she has contributed to the development and expansion of services, but her role goes well beyond that. Over the years, she has become the main driving force of the organization and a source of motivation for everyone.

This cause is so dear to her that she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has twice walked large portions of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain and France in order to raise funds. With this Lambertois Award, the Ville de Saint-Lambert seeks to highlight this inspiring example of community involvement that contributes to the well-being of society as a whole. 

Chloé Royce

Chloé Royce
Lambertois Award in the “Sports” category 

This Lambertois Award is given to Chloé Royce as tribute to her outstanding performances in track and field and soccer. 

This young, 15-year-old athlete exhibits an all-consuming passion and clear talent for sports. This summer alone, she participated in more than 10 track and field competitions and played in 20 soccer games with her AAA-level team, Spatial de Saint-Hubert, which finished third in the league. Added to this already heavy schedule are all the intense training sessions for both sports.

Chloé performed admirably for the South Shore at, among other competitions, the 51st Final of the Jeux de Québec, in track and field, and for the province of Québec at the Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships. Winning medals in all the categories she entered at these championships, she set three Québec records and one Royal Canadian Legion record. 

Combining training and studies with discipline and dedication, Ms. Royce offers an ideal role model for young people her age. She shows that with great effort, perseverance, and determination, it is possible to push one’s limits and achieve ever-higher goals. 

Logo des Jeux du Québec

Medal winners at the 50th and 51st Finals of the Jeux du Québec
Lambertois Award in the “Sports” category 

The Jeux du Québec are the biggest multi-sport gathering in Quebec, with over 3,000 athletes taking part and nearly 1,000 officials, chaperones, and mission members in attendance. 

The Ville de Saint-Lambert wishes to congratulate the young Lambertans who distinguished themselves at the two last finals of this major sports event.  

  • Ludmilla Moindrot-Zilliox took the bronze medal in the singles foil and the gold medal in the team foil, in the sport of fencing.
  • Ariane Léonard won the gold medal in the team foil, in fencing.
  • Xavier St-Cyr earned the bronze medal in the team sabre, in fencing.
  • Charles-Antoine Pilote took the silver medal in the road race, in cycling.
  • Chloé Royce claimed gold in the pentathlon, the 200m hurdles, and the 4 X 100m, as well as the silver in the medley relay, in the sport of track and field.
  • Alexandre Iatan and Félix-Antoine Poirier won silver in basketball.
  • Simon Deslandes took the silver in soccer.