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Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department

The Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department is responsible for ensuring the harmonious and sustainable development of the territory. It ensures the implementation of the urban development plan, from which are derived the by-laws governing zoning and subdivision, construction, permits, and certificates.

The Department therefore issues permits and certificates, inspects private properties and construction sites, and responds to complaints regarding infringement of municipal by-laws (nuisances, cleanliness of dwellings and land, etc.). Its main tasks are to:

  • plan the use and development of local land by drafting and enforcing the urban development plan and its by-laws;
  • ensure compliance with municipal by-laws governing land use and quality of life (nuisances, permits and certificates, etc.); 
  • receive and study applications for permits and issue different types of permits.

It also manages the Urban Planning Advisory Committee and various City programs concerning urban renewal and heritage protection.

Planning to do renovations?

Before purchasing materials or starting renovation work on your home, please read the municipalby-laws to find out whether your project is compliant and whether you require a permit or certificate of authorization.