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Procurement and Special Project Management Division

The Procurement and Special Project Management Division is the resource for all the City’s administrative units in matters concerning the procurement of goods and services. It is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Cities and Towns Act in respect of procurement, and of the Règlement sur la gestion contractuelle [by-law respecting contract management] and the Politique d’approvisionnement [procurement policy] of the Ville de Saint-Lambert. Its primary mandates are the following:

  • Play an advisory role for the various administrative units with regard to procurement; 
  • Promote local purchases and purchases from social economy companies by the administrative units, without jeopardizing the sound management of public spending;
  • Manage the request-for-proposals process;
  • Oversee the enforcement of the laws and regulations applicable to the awarding of contracts;
  • Ensure the suppliers’ or service providers’ full compliance with the conditions they committed to;
  • Undertake the management of certain special projects.