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The result of consultations and deliberations held in 2012, the 2014–2018 strategic plan spells out the city’s direction and focal points of action for the years ahead.

This plan is a continuation of the one that has been under way since 2007. The planned actions seek to maintain the city’s identity and community dynamic, which is aimed at meeting residents’ needs at the most affordable cost.


The City of Saint-Lambert provides ethical, high quality services to its population by remaining attentive to the needs and aspirations of its residents. Supported by a thorough understanding of the changing needs of its citizens, the City manages its activities and assets with integrity and transparency, and allocates its resources in a responsible, efficient, and diligent manner.


The City of Saint-Lambert is committed to meeting the needs of its residents at the most affordable cost while respecting the city’s:

  • Sense of community
  • Exceptional architectural and landscape heritage
  • Well-integrated, harmonious mix of citizenship
  • Comprehensive range of personalized services
  • Cultural, sports, and financial traditions
  • Sustainable development standards


  • Be actively involved in the management of the agglomeration and obtain services that are commensurate with the city’s contributions
  • Manage densification while taking into account the harmonious development of our built heritage
  • Encourage a high level of sustainable development in the city
  • Ensure a high level of transparency with regard to the democratic process
  • Continue to reduce the cumulative infrastructure deficit
  • Continue to follow an optimal budget and financial strategy
  • Optimize the provision of services offered to citizens
  • Strive for excellence in the way city operations are managed
  • Actively support the various players involved in improving the economic vitality and brand image of the Village
  • Provide a living environment and programs suited to the intergenerational and demographic reality of our population

Strategic focus areas

Community and family

  • Update the cultural policy
  • Update the recognition and support policy for organizations
  • Update and implement the family policy action plan
  • Assess the program of services offered to the community based on its expectations
  • Promote activities for the public in the Village in collaborations with our partners
  • Enhance the citizen involvement recognition program
  • Maintain and monitor our civil protection program
  • Enhance the provision of cultural services according to the guidelines set out in the cultural policy
  • Determine the expectations of the community as concerns development, infrastructure and the use of space
  • Develop a regulatory framework to promote universal access and raise awareness among stakeholders at all levels 

Sustainable development
and housing

  • Update and adapt the regulatory tools and the urban plan. Improve information communicated to citizens and make it easy to understand
  • Improve, encourage, and promote active transportation with the goal of improving our city’s brand image (bike path network; gastronomic, artistic, cultural and other attractions)
  • Develop actions geared to facilitating access to low-cost housing for seniors and other citizens of limited means
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of waste management and include an event component
  • Ensure the application and integrated management of the components of our sustainable development plan (tree policy, waste management plan, water management plan and 2017 targets, etc.)
  • Develop and promote the distinctive character of our city with respect to sustainable development 
  • Ensure correspondence between the city’s urban development plan, the development program and the Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement (PMAD)
  • Contribute to the sustainable mobility plan of the agglomeration and the RTL, and ensure alignment with the urban development plan and the traffic master plan
  • Apply the traffic master plan
  • Ensure mixed use in all sectors under development or redevelopment
  • Redevelop and densify the Saint-Denis sector

Governance and
municipal management

  • Set up, develop, or improve the city’s management frameworks
  • Continuously improve the quality of services by aligning them more closely with citizens’ needs
  • Ensure a strong presence and leadership in committees and on commissions
  • Keep up to date the long-term action plans and capital programs (infrastructure, buildings, vehicle fleet, computer equipment, etc.) 
  • Manage the City’s human capital diligently by investing in ongoing training
  • Manage public finances with rigour, transparency (public sessions, forums, etc.), and integrity
  • Maintain the participation of internal consultative committees
  • Maintain the links between the Mayor’s Office and City Management, and the agglomeration

Services for citizens

  • Ensure the distribution of information about emergency measures
  • Increase the quality and accessibility of services for citizens
  • Ensure communication and implement new channels of communication (social media, multiplatform delivery, etc.) with the population to provide the widest possible distribution of general information and information about activities for the public
  • Improve and optimize the library services
  • Maintain the quality of facilities to be able to offer high-quality services
  • Continue to hold public consultation sessions
  • Provide integrated services to improve the “citizen experience”
  • Anticipate the effects of change and communicate its impact to the population in a proactive manner

Economic and commercial development

  • Raise the city’s profile by ensuring the number and the long-term existence of major events that reflect Saint-Lambert’s brand image (Festival Classica, Saint-Lambert Days, etc.)
  • Ensure the vitality of and funding for the city’s various economic development tools
  • Define our city’s brand image and adapt the city’s by-laws and zoning regulations accordingly
  • Promote the city’s economic attractiveness on a local, regional, and provincial level
  • Ensure the development of our building projects to ensure the retention of our families 
  • Study and determine the future of the industrial zones to increase the vitality of our economic development
  • Organize working groups on specific topics with businesspeople (economic forums, etc.)
  • Study and review the supply of parking spaces around the commercial core of our downtown area
  • Build awareness with merchants and encourage them to take responsibility for their role in branding Saint-Lambert