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The Ville de Saint-Lambert took advantage of its 150th anniversary in 2007 to officially repatriate its coat-of-arms.  Part of it appears in the City’s logo and on its flag.

Description of the Coat-of-Arms

Armoiries de la Ville de Saint-Lambert


The shield surmounted by a golden mural crown has seven crenellated towers that denote Saint-Lambert's status as a City.

In the upper part of the shield the 'fleur de lys' at the left, represents the population of French origin, and the rose, at the right, the population of English origin.

In the centre, the hunting horn recalls Lambert Raphaël Closse, a great hunter, after whom Saint-Lambert has been named.

The ship, the central and most important armorial bearing, symbolizes Saint-Lambert's geographical position on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.

The motto ''Maximus in Minimis'' or ''To seek greatness even in the smallest details'' describes the continued efforts of the municipality to serve its fellow citizens.