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Citizens' Charter

To preserve these harmonious relations and promote them for future generations, Saint-Lambert adopted a Charter that sets out the rights and responsibilities of all citizens. Respect, democracy, integrity, tolerance, and participation in municipal life form the cornerstones of this charter, which requires commitment from the municipality’s administration and its various departments, as well as from all of the citizens who make up our community.

The Saint-Lambert Citizens’ Charter represents the desire to live in harmony in a city that promotes the well-being of our families, the protection of our young people and seniors, and the preservation of our environment.

Saint-Lambert Citizens' Charter


To ensure a safe environment where City Council and administrators, always attentive to citizens and taxpayers, manage efficient municipal services, in a perspective of sustainable development, thus ensuring the economic, cultural, physical and artistic enrichment of the community as a whole, as well as future generations.

The citizens of Saint-Lambert protect the City’s traditions and benefit from exceptional quality of life because of their ready access and proximity to services. They share a common concern and sense of purpose regarding the quality of the environment and its green spaces. The community of Saint-Lambert respects its traditions and distinguishes itself from other communities by its conviviality, rich cultural life, and respect for and enhancement of its heritage


As members of the community and taxpayers, the citizens of Saint-Lambert can legitimately expect to receive their fair share of services and to be treated fairly and without discrimination, with respect and dignity. They are therefore entitled to:

  • Take active part in the community life and democratic process of Saint-Lambert
  • Be informed and consulted
  • Express their views freely
  • Be listened to with an attentive ear
  • Equitable and equal treatment of both sexes
  • Receive services in the language of their choice (French or English)
  • Courteous, competent service
  • Expect that the values espoused by Saint-Lambert be respected
  • Receive adequate answers within reasonable timeframes
  • To live in an environment that promotes the arts and culture as well as leisure activities and sports
  • Readily available, high quality, efficient municipal services that meet the needs of all citizens and of different generations
  • An environment that is healthy, safe and peaceful
  • Equitable, proportional and appropriate representation
  • An honest and transparent administration that acts with administrative and financial rigour
  • Efficient and cost effective management practices that seek to make elected officials and administrators accountable


The citizens of Saint-Lambert, recognizing the tradition of good neighbourliness, must conduct themselves accordingly, and with respect for their environment and pride in their community by developing different facets of citizenship. They must therefore:

  • Develop a community conscience
  • Behave courteously
  • Show respect for those around them
  • Ensure the tranquillity of their neighbourhood
  • Encourage mutual assistance
  • Live in harmony with their environment and their neighbours
  • Act in environmentally responsible ways
  • Ensure a safe living environment
  • Maintain their property.
  • Report any misdemeanours or acts of vandalism
  • Pay their taxes and legal charges
  • Respect municipal by-laws


Participation in municipal democracy

Participation in municipal democracy is a Saint-Lambert tradition. To protect and promote this fundamental value in each meeting held by the different councils, committees, and agencies in Saint-Lambert, all citizens of Saint-Lambert are entitled to:

    • Participate in public meetings of Saint-Lambert Council, as well as meetings of the committees or agencies reporting on the actions taken by the latter.   
  • Participate in the public portion of any meetings in order to express their opinions on specific subjects to be reviewed by certain municipal bodies.
  • Be treated at all times with courtesy and respect, and in the language of their choice, by all members of Saint-Lambert City Council and its representatives, as well as by all committee and agency members and by municipal employees.
  • Review and receive copies of all public documents, including notices of meetings and the minutes of any council, committee or agency meetings, as quickly as possible and within the appropriate time.

Undertakings of city council, committees and agencies

To respect the right of every citizen to be informed and consulted, every council, committee and agency must undertake to: 

  • Publish a list, each year, the dates of regular meetings, and provide a copy thereof to the City Clerk, who is obliged to post the list on the premises at City Hall and on the City’s Web site.
  • Give citizens and the City Clerk prior notice of any special meeting, within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to ensure that citizens can participate in meetings.
  • Draft the minutes of each meeting on a regular basis in order to keep citizens informed of any actions taken.
  • Develop a guide for elected officials that defines the responsibilities of elected officials and administrators, and to hold elected officials accountable to citizens and ensure that municipal administrators are treated in an equitable manner and with respect.
  • Adopt and adhere to a code of ethics the purposes of which is to prevent any conflict of interest, either real or apparent, and to report to the citizens of Saint-Lambert once a year regarding this code.