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Council meetings

The Saint-Lambert municipal council makes it a priority to answer your questions and address your comments. To this end, your elected representatives hold public meetings once a month. 

Question periods

Two question periods are reserved for citizens at every City Council meeting. The first takes place at the beginning of the meeting and a second follows a discussion of all the agenda items.

Each question must be clear, presented in question form and free of comments. Questions may be preceded by a short preamble only if it is intended to facilitate their understanding.

Respect and decorum are essential to the successful conduct of a Council meeting. 

First question period

A maximum of 30 minutes is allotted for the first question period. Questions must be limited to the topics on the agenda. 

At the beginning of this question period, anyone wishing to ask a question will be invited to come to the microphone. Each person may ask only one question while other people have not had the opportunity to ask their question. A maximum of three minutes is allotted per question.

Individuals may ask a total of two questions during this question period. 

Second question period

A maximum of one hour is allotted for the second question period. Anyone wishing to ask a question must write down their first and last name, their address and the topic of their question or maximum of two questions in the register provided for this purpose, which will be available 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Individuals who are registered will be called to the microphone one by one, in the order in which their names appear in the register. Each person will have three minutes to ask his or her question or two questions. 

You can consult

ésymbole pdf By-law on the procedure for Council meetings (2022-197) (in French)