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City Council is charged with the responsibility of representing the population and making decisions on the City’s directions and priorities for actions as well as administering its affairs. Its members are focused on ensuring the quality of life in the municipality and offering services that meet the needs of the community.

Your City Council

The Ville de Saint-Lambert's municipal council is comprised of a mayor and eight councillors—one per electoral district. Your elected representatives hold public meetings once a month so that you can address your questions or comments to them. They also hold special meetings to address particular issues should the need arise.

You can consult

Logo PDFRèglement établissant le code d’éthique et de déontologie des élus (2018-161) (in French only)

Remuneration of elected municipal officers 

This by-law aims to establish the annual remuneration of elected municipal officers and the expense allowance to which they are entitled.

You can consult

Logo PDF Règlement numéro 2019-72 concernant le traitement des élus municipaux (in French only)

Research and support expenses

The Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers sets out the conditions for reimbursement of elected officials for research and support expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. Each year, in accordance with section 31.5.5, a list of the reimbursements authorized by the municipality must be tabled before City Council during a public meeting.

You can consult

Logo PDF

List of research and support expenses for councillors for the 2019 fiscal year (in French)