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Paying tribute to volunteers

Community life is rich and dynamic in Saint-Lambert, in part due to the commitment and dedication of its many volunteers. By giving generously of their time and energy to help children, seniors, and municipal organizations, they contribute greatly to the quality of our living environment and to the range of community services offered.

For this reason, the Ville de Saint-Lambert holds an annual event where it pays public tribute to its volunteers and thanks them for their essential involvement in our community.  

Volunteers tribute evening 2019

On November 16, Mayor Pierre Brodeur welcomed the volunteers of Saint-Lambert to an evening organized in their honour.

“Our city would not be the same without its volunteers. Their involvement and dedication often go unnoticed. Yet they are an indispensable link in the vitality of our community. By devoting part of their precious time, they contribute to the quality of life of our fellow citizens, and for that, we can never thank them enough. It is therefore essential that we hold this tribute evening, precisely to take the time to thank them and to show them our full appreciation for everything they do,"
Mayor Pierre Brodeur. 

Soirée de reconnaissance

Soirée de reconnaissance

Soirée de reconnaissance

Mayor Brodeur is now inviting all Lambertans to give a few hours of their time to actively participate in improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens.

Municipal Volunteers

Many volunteers participate actively on the City’s various committees. They give both their time and energy, thus contributing their expertise to various projects aimed at improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens. Visit the Committees page to learn more.

Would you like to become a volunteer?

Consult the directory of organizations to identify where you would like to volunteer.