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Louis-Alphonse-Venne Award

Saint-Lambert is known for the unique cachet of its houses. The City is proud of the efforts made by residents who invest in and renovate their homes with a concern for aesthetics. In doing so, they help preserve the distinctive character that gives our city its charm.

The Louis-Alphonse-Venne Award was therefore created in 2012 to underscore exceptional architectural integration projects worthy of serving as models for the community.

Who is Louis-Alphonse Venne?

This award bears the name of a Lambertan architect who designed several of Montreal’s important buildings, including Saint Joseph’s Oratory, and, closer to home, Collège Durocher, École Saint-Michel, and École primaire des Saints-Anges.

There was no Louis-Alphonse-Venne Award in 2017 and in 2018. Do you know a project that deserves this award? Submit your idea by contacting the Urban Planning, Permits and Inspection Department at 450-466-3277 or

2016 winners

The 2016 winner of the Louise-Alphonse-Venne Award is Ms. Sylvie Hébert, owner of property at 875 Boissy Street, for the transformation of her house façade.

In carrying out her project, the homeowner succeeded in preserving and highlighting the original architectural expression of the building, as well as the dominant features of the surrounding built environment, while at the same time updating the façade of this magnificent home. 

Prix Louis-Aphonse-Venne pour le 875, rue Boissy

Honourable mention

The selection panel also awarded “Honourable mention” to the company Copropriété 323 inc., represented by Mr. Charlie Noto, for the multi-dwelling building it erected at 323 Victoria Avenue. The shape of the construction blends in well with those of the nearby buildings, and its architectural style is consistent and well-defined. 

Prix Louis-Aphonse-Venne pour le 323, avenue Victoria

Selection committee

The City of Saint-Lambert thanks the members of the Louis-Alphonse-Venne Award selection committee: Jean-François Gravel, Pierre B. Paquin, Monique Dutil, François Hogue, Matthieu Lavallée, Philippe Leggett-Bachand and Monette Saint-Jacques.