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Show: Nom d’une botte!

Presented by Les Malchaussées
  • When : Sunday 27 March 2022 - 15:00
  • Where : Virtually or at the multi-purpose centre (if the situation allows)
  • Cost : $10

For ages 5 and over 

Tickets available via TUXEDO starting January 14 ($10)



Legend has it that over a thousand years ago, a boot with extraordinary powers was stolen and hidden on a deserted island. Three female pirates set out to sea on a quest to recover it, and have some thrilling adventures along the  way. But a surprise awaits them when they discover a mysterious stranger on their ship. Will she put the mission in jeopardy? This interactive children’s show with its zany, comedic characters will have you stomping your feet to the rhythm of the gumboot dance!

A vaccination passport and photo ID is required for people aged 13 and up to take part in this activity. Children aged 12 years and under may be required to show ID (health insurance card or student card) to validate their age.

Please comply with the health measures in force. Venue accessible for people with reduced mobility.