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SUSPENDED | Les Mod’Elles (in French)

As part of Rendez-vous culturels
  • When : Friday 13 March 2020 from 19:00 to 20:30
  • Where : At the library
  • Cost : Free

For adults
Registration required

As a precautionary measure due to the COVID-19 situation, all activities are suspended.

Sometimes they have caused scandals, struggled for their freedom, or won fame each in her own way and in her own sphere of activity, such as the sciences, fashion, politics, the arts, or sports. Louise Monica Vadnais will talk about women ranging from the writer Virginia Woolf to the educator, journalist and writer Janette Bertrand, to name but a few. The talk is intended to provide a look back at the great strides made by women in the 20th century.

This activity is made possible thanks to financial support from the Friends of the Library Foundation.