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Le Condamné: outdoor escape game

As part of Plaisirs d'hiver
  • When : Sunday 7 March 2021 from 00:00 to 00:00
  • Where : Seaway Park or Coulée verte
  • Cost : Free

Wrongfully accused or a true villain? For you to find out! Déon has been convicted and thrown into a dark dungeon, where he is languishing away until the day of sentencing. Fortunately, the evidence is not far off. Can you find it and decipher what it means? You will have 60 minutes to help young Déon escape. (In French and English)

How to play?

  • Download the Le condamné app on Google Play or on the App Store
  • Head over to Seaway Park (at the entrance to the path near the dog run) or the Coulée verte (at the entrance to the path near the recreation centre);
  • Once there, launch the app (you don’t require Internet data to play) and follow the instructions on the screen;
  • Find the starting sign (envelope), enter the code on the app, and the game begins! You have to find other codes hidden around the site to progress through the game. 

    Good luck!

Note: We recommend using one cell phone per group of 3 people. The game can be played by anyone aged 8 and above (with an adult). Please be mindful of maintaining social distancing from other participants.