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Jeudis de la Place : Ekho

  • When : Thursday 29 July 2021 - 19:30
  • Where : du Village park
  • Cost : Free

Remember to bring your chair and snacks!


This activity is reserved for residents only. Places are limited. An attendance record will be kept at the entrance.


This venue is partially accessible for people with reduced mobility. Please note also that a toilet is not always accessible on the premises.


Depending on the weather, the show could be held at the multi-purpose centre at 81 Hooper Street.


The government directives regarding social distancing and COVID-19 health measures will be followed.

Jeudis de la place | Due to the weather forecast, tonight’s show will move to the multi-purpose centre (81 Hooper Street).

A groovy guitar, percussions that move, a driving bass, three voices, epic vocal harmonies and an unclassifiable mixture of folk, blues and pop. A show that doesn’t take itself seriously, but rather is a place where ÉkHO allows itself to inject new life into sublime songs they have retrieved simply because they love them… even after having heard them hundreds of times!

An acoustic music journey, an eclectic world of favourite songs that revisits the past and discovers the present in tribute to compositions that still resonate today.

What is essential for ÉkHO is the joy of sharing the moment, of playing together.