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Conte & musique « Sens dessus de sons » avec Adeline (in French)

  • When : Saturday 20 November 2021 from 10:30 to 11:30
  • Where : At the library
  • Cost : Free

For children ages 3 to 6

Register online as on the TUXEDO platform of October 8

Here a sound? There a sound? Little children are invited to listen closely to discover where all these sounds come from. They will be transported into a world full of imagina-sound! Bing Bang Boum! Will they be able to juggle all these sounds and feel them throughout their entire bodies? The host, Adeline, encourages them to give it a try!

Please comply with the health measures in force. Venue accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Early Childhood Week

November 20 has marked Universal Children’s Day for more than 60 years. Early Childhood Week is held to celebrate this special day.