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CANCELED | Atelier d’écriture de chansons (in French)

By Dom Lebeau
  • When : Wednesday 3 November 2021 - 19:00
  • Where : At the multi-purpose centre
  • Cost : $9

For young people ages 16 and over

Registration as of August 24 via the recreational activity registration module

What are songs made of? What do the terms “bridge” and “alternate rhymes” mean? Do you start with the lyrics or the music? What do you put in a refrain? What are the different steps and tasks involved in producing a finished song?

With a great many years of experience under his belt, Dom Lebeau will answer all your questions and many more, sharing with you the vocabulary, tricks and secrets of the song-writing trade, always in easily understandable language. Concrete examples, group exercises and personal anecdotes will provide a glimpse into this fascinating world… which, even so, is within everyone’s reach! 

Information for participants:

  • Bring paper and a pencil

You can now watch an interview with Dom Lebeau, artist, creator and speaker

The vaccination passport and a photo ID will now be required for people aged 13 and up to take part in this activity. Children aged 12 years and under may have to show ID (health insurance card or student card) to validate their age. Please comply with the health measures in force.

Venue accessible for people with reduced mobility.