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Bibliothèque parc

Brigade B offers a number of services, activities and entertainment away from the library. Its aim is to increase the library’s visibility and service offerings by coming directly to you! 

Among its other activities, every summer, you’ll find Brigade B in our city parks and at special events.

Services offered

Thanks to Brigade B, you can now benefit from some library services without having to set foot in the library: 

  • discover and borrow books, CDs, DVDs, etc.; 
  • take out or renew membership;
  • receive assistance with digital library loans;
  • read newspapers, magazines and a variety of other documents. 

Special events

Brigade B is also present at various events to host activities and propose documents related to the theme of the event.  

Upcoming rendezvous

Keep an eye on the calendar to discover where and when you’ll next be able to catch up with the Brigade B team.