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2014 Lambertois

Here is the list of the 2014 Lambertois Merit Awards winners.

Rafik Matta

Rafik Matta
Lambertois Award in the “Culture” category 

Rafik Matta received a Lambertois Award for his contribution to enriching our cultural scene by sharing his passion for music with the community. 

Mr. Matta has always loved music, developing his talents in this field alongside his career as an engineer. Since his arrival in Canada, Mr. Matta has had many accomplishments to his name. Among other things, he spent seven years as organist and choirmaster in the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin parish as well as in several other churches. In 1992, he founded the Telemann Ensemble, which specializes in performing music from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and today he continues on as their conductor. A jazz lover as well, he has given numerous concerts and has been in charge of the jazz program at the CAMMAC summer music camp for five years. Very active on the music scene, he also sits on numerous committees and juries.

More recently, he contributed his engineering knowledge to the community by sitting on the Arena 2015 consultation committee.

Jérôme McEniryJérôme McEniry
Lambertois Award in the “Sports” category 

This Lambertois Award was handed to Jérôme McEniry to underscore his excellent performance in the Mont-Tremblant Ironman competition, held on August 17, 2014. With a time of just under 10 hours, he placed 1st among the 41 athletes in the age 18 to 24 category and 43rd among all 2,889 athletes competing.

Not only is Mr. McEniry a top-flight athlete but he takes active part in organizing the Saint-Lambert triathlon and as a competition official. He also lent major support to the triathlon of the 49th Finals of the Jeux du Québec, held in the summer of 2014.

Mr. McEniry shows us that with great passion and effort, it is possible to push one’s limits and continually reach ever-higher goals. 

Jacqueline Beaudry Dion et Jean-Pierre DionJacqueline Beaudry Dion et Jean-Pierre Dion
Lambertois Award in the “Culture” category

This Lambertois Award went to Jacqueline Beaudry Dion and Jean-Pierre Dion to salute their contribution to the cultural scene through their passion for ceramics. 

Mr. and Ms. Dion have always been active in the artistic and heritage communities, including the Galerie du centre de Saint-Lambert. They also contributed to the book marking Saint-Lambert’s 150th anniversary by writing the chapter on the arts. 

Only more recently did ceramics capture their interest. In the past five years, they have published five reference books on the subject, with a sixth one on its way, qualifying them as bona fide specialists. They thus serve as resource persons for collectors, but also as revisers of publications on this art. 

49th Finals of the Jeux du QuébecParticipants in the 49th Finals of the Jeux du Québec
Lambertois Award in the “Sports” category 

The Agglomération de Longueuil hosted the 49th Finals of the Jeux du Québec in the summer of 2014. This large-scale event brought together over 3,000 athletes and nearly 1,000 officials, coaches, and delegation members. 

The Ville de Saint-Lambert wishes to congratulate the following young Lambertans for their participation in this high-profile sporting event. 

  • in track and field: Madeleine Camiré took the bronze in the 2,000m, while placing 7th in the 800m and 4th in the mixed relay;
  • in road cycling: Stéphanie Dumont claimed the bronze in the 15km team time trial, while placing 7th in the 10km time trial, 6th in the Criterium, and 10th in the 60km road race;
  • in swimming: Lili Chicoine brought home the silver in the 4 X50m – 4 strokes and the bronze in the 100m breaststroke, while placing 5th in the 200m breaststroke; 
  • in soccer: Natasha Galiana, Andréanne Grenier, and Justine Léveillé won the silver;
  • in soccer: Matisse Bergeron captured the silver;
  • in beach volleyball: Meghan Alain earned 5th place;
  • in volleyball: Florence Cloutier, Gabrielle Cloutier, and Myriam Maherzi won the gold.